Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chewing My Fingernails

Laurie R. King is giving a reading on Saturday at a city about an hour from here. She's got a new book out, The Language of Bees, the latest in her Holmes/Russell series, and so is doing a book tour.

So, naturally, I'm going.

So, naturally, I'm nervous. I only started reading her books a few years ago, but she's rapidly become one of my favorite current authors. The only other author I've met is Ray Bradbury, and that was back when I was in college. And I had reinforcements then, namely my best friend and a professor. Now it will just be little me, driving to a city I've never been in before and then meeting someone whose writing I enjoy and admire and getting her autograph and trying not to have a Watermelon Moment and say something really dumb.

But I'm as excited as I am nervous, so that's good, right?


  1. Yes, excited is good! I'll bet you have a fabulous time. Looking forward to a report when you get back!

  2. Ray Bradbury? That name sounds familiar.... what did he write?

  3. Ray Bradbury wrote sci-fi books like "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Illustrated Man" and "The Martian Chronicles," as well as novels like "Dandelion Wine."

  4. I'm dying to know ... what's a "watermelon moment"? Is it like a story Patrick Stewart told once, where he was doing a play in the West End of London, late for a curtain, when the elevator he was on stopped and Nelson Mandela got on? This intelligent, articulate actor was reduced to: "abadadada ..." by his own admission.

  5. Yeah, that's pretty much a Watermelon Moment. My friend Emily and I named them after the part in Dirty Dancing where Baby meets Johnny for the first time and brilliantly announces, "I carried a watermelon."

    For the record, I did NOT have a Watermelon Moment. I managed to tell her I really enjoy her books, admire her writing talent, and then asked her to sign two books, one for me and one for my college professor who introduced me to Laurie R. King's books.

    (Emily had her most famous Watermelon Moment when she met Arlo Guthrie and told him, "'Alice's Restaurant' changed my life!" He said, "Well, I hope it was in a good way.")


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